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As companies become more and more mobile, so too, must information. This trend has been greatly accelerated by the growth of the world wide web. We have sought to make our applications more accessible to the mobile user by web-enabling them. Thus a user has only to find a connection, and with the use of any standard browser, he can access both process and data remotely and with full security.


A natural outcome of our creation of web-based applications has been to create web sites which allow our users access from outside the enterprise. We create both static and dynamic sites and have available graphics designers and artists to help create a stylish web presence. We use cascading style sheets and low impact images which allow fast downloads. Whether you want dynamic, data-driven sites or a simple advertising site, keep us in mind!

Websites for non-profits are generally free, providing we agree with your cause. When we provide hosting for non-profits, we do so at our cost.

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