L. M. Rappaport & Associates, Inc. is the successor company to Northern Electronics Systems, Inc., founded in 1979 and is managed by Larry Rappaport. Here's how it happened:

First Arrival

I first came to Colebrook in 1973, after leaving Smith, Barney & Company in New York.  My wife and I had decided to leave New York behind and try to make a life in the country.  Because of my background in electronics, I decided to start a small business selling and repairing consumer electronics - radios and televisions at first, then citizens band radios and audio equipment. 

Commercial Electronics

In 1979 we expanded into commercial electronics.  I formed Northern Electronic Systems, Inc.  We installed burglar, fire, commercial audio, closed circuit television and process control electronics and I became FCC licensed to repair and align commercial land mobile radio.  In the first year, we installed a new burglar and fire alarm system for the Manchester Manufacturing, Inc. division of Dylex, Inc. in their 180,000 square foot building - the largest system of its type installed in New Hampshire that year.  We installed closed circuit television cameras in several manufacturing facilities as well as the Coos County Institution, a medium security correctional facility. We took over repair and installation of many two-way radio facilities - both government and commercial.


With the release of the first IBM PC,  came the lure of writing software.    Initially we wrote device drivers for some of the early mid-sized computers, such as the DEC PDP-11.  Later we began to write database applications for the burgeoning personal computer market.  Our staff grew to seven fulltime programmers and several contractors.  We work throughout the United States, Europe, Bermuda, and the Carribean.   

We are familiar with all business processes although we continue to specialize in multi-currency financial software.  

In addition, we have designed and built commercial commercial microcontroller-based devices used in various forms of process control.